leap 42.1 strange behavior

not sure what I am explaining here !..the first thing I noticed was that when I close a browser the system logs me out and wont accept my log in …so I have to reboot each time :frowning:
then today when I opened yast to install a program I found that it wont refresh the software list till I re insert the usb stick I used to install the system ??
would appreciate help as I am clueless as to what to do…exept go back to 13.2

Re. the repo problem: Go Yast - Software - Software repositories, and remove the entry pointing to the install USB ( the URL should begin with “hd:/” ).

thank you I will do that now and post back,best regard’s john.

OK!! that part is solved…thank you soooo much!
any idea’s why the other problem has arisen??

Saw your other post too. Question: did you check the downloaded iso before you installed? Videocard? Fully updated?

yes it was A ok! I also noticed that this behavior appears to be confined to chromium and not firefox I added the nvidia repo and updated all progs and packages but will check them once more since you ask

Please show output of

sudo lspci | grep -i vga
lsmod | grep NVIDIA

Is this on KDE? If so, check the Compositor settings in Systemsettings - Display & Monitor - Compositor. If it’s set to XRender, set it to OpenGL

Stupid me…I made the presumption that has I had added the Nvidia repo and updated that it would find the correct settings for itself:|
just been in and added the right modual and hey presto all is well

   once again many many thanks it is appreciated :)  at age 62 I do tend to miss things on occasion>:(

Well, at age 56 I now know what to expect :D. Hope this solves your Chromium issues. If not, see you again.