LEAP 42.1 Show Flags for Keyboard Layouts

I am a new user of openSUSE LEAP 42.1, XFCE.
I configured to change Keyboard Layouts using Ctrl+Shift and it works perfect.
I would like to see the current Keyboard Layout as a Flag on the Panel and on Login Window when the OS is turned on the Screensaver If it is possible.

Go to System settings>Input devices>Keyboard>Layouts and check the Show flag options.

I am talking about openSUSE LEAP 42.1.20160217 Xfce
There is not openSUSE > System settings.
There is **openSUSE > System **> no Settings
There is **openSUSE > Settings Manager **> no Input devices
There is openSUSE > Settings Manager > Keyboard > Layout no Show flag option

I so sorry, but I can not setup Show flag.
May be we talking about different versions of openSUSE ?

Sorry, reading too quickly and not carefully enough.