LEAP 42.1 + pipelight = ?

Which one pipelight for Leap42.1 ?

  1. http://pipelight.net/cms/install/installation-opensuse.html ( can not found for Leap42.1 )
  2. https://software.opensuse.org/search ( only Unstable pipelight for Leap 42.1 )



You would need to ask the packager/maintainer to add the Leap build target to the OBS project.

Be aware that Silverlight development (runs on Windows) is basically a dead technology (MS never officially said it was dead, just re-assigned everyone except for one person).

So, it’s unlikely that the Silverlight plugin (wrapped in Pipelight) has changed at all.

Based on that,
I’d suggest that you can use either the 64-bit TW or 13.2 packages in your LEAP.