Leap 42.1 on Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Touch


i have recently brought new Dell Inspiron 11 3000 touch laptop with core i3, 4GB RAM,500GB HDD Intel HD 4400 on 11.6" and touch screen. i have heard there are many issues with touch in linux.

does anyone tried to install opensuse Leap 42.1 on this laptop? please guide me how to install LEAP 42.1 with touch enabled.

thanks in advance

Wow, an i3 with an OEM touchscreen (not add-on)?
That must have been a real pioneer in its time.

If the touchscreen is detected during installation, then various packages that support “touch” will be installed.
You can check post-install whether those packages are installed and if not, install.

You may want to also investigate your machine’s touch architecture, so for instance my much later HP Touchsmart 17 is built with touch implemented in hardware, so many “touch” functions that ordinarily require special software are not necessary on my machine(like common gestures) but also causes some issues because some unique “touch” functions are not available (like tap and hold).