Leap 42.1 not shutting down -- Solved

My install of Leap 42.1 had not been shutting down or rebooting like it should for some time. Recently, it would not shut down.

Looking at the logs, I found “Watchdog0: Watchdog not shutdown”

I found a solved bugzilla that addressed demicode for intel I7’s – of which I have i7-5930K CPU @ 3.50GHz

Long story made short:

I searched Yast for “microcode”
and did a forced update to




Leap 42.1 is now ripping right through shutdown and reboot

We’ll see what happens at the next update!

I am seeing “watchdog” messages on shutdown. But my systems are shutting down anyway.

How would ucode-amd do something for an Intel CPU?

That question was raised on bugzilla too & no answer as I recall; however, as the base system had it installed when I searched Yast for “microcode”, I reinstalled it is my simple explanation.

I know very little about demicode (and its relationships or dependencies).