Leap 42.1 How to get Dolphin (Google Drive) KF5 to work

Since switching to Leap 42.1 last year, I can’t find a GDrive replacement that I used successfully in Kubuntu. I have installed the KIO Google Drive from the repository that wolfi has created. But when I click on it to log on to Google, it doesn’t do anything. What the best way to integrate this program and get it up and running? Thanks!

See if this thread helps


I saw that thread earlier. I am not that good yet. Please give me a little more command line instructions. I can click on links, but I don’t know how to input the code in the command line. I want to learn, but I need some more detail and baby steps, I guess. Thank you for your patience.

you need to install kio-gdrive from wolfi or from the 42.2 kde:applications repo
to get write support LEAP users need an update to libkgapi
you can write to bugzilla and ask for a fix

Actually it is in KDE:Extra… :wink:

you can write to bugzilla and ask for a fix

Sorry, but no.
We won’t release a libkgapi upgrade for Leap 42.1.

You can get the latest version from KDE:Applications though.
And it has been submitted to 42.2 (and kio-gdrive as well, though it hasn’t been accepted yet).

A bit off topic: could we get it for TW?

It has been submitted to Factory already, but it has to go through the usual process first.
See https://build.opensuse.org/request/show/432132
As mentioned it is available in KDE:Applications (also for Tumbleweed), and kio-gdrive is available in KDE:Extra for this combination, if you don’t want to wait.

PS: As I just saw, libkgapi cannot even be built for plain 42.1 because it requires KDEPIM 16.08 (which cannot be built for 42.1 either, as it requires Qt 5.6).
So an update for 42.1 would actually be right impossible.

There is the new KDE:Frameworks5:LTS repo though that offers Plasma 5.8 LTS for 42.1 too (needs KDE:Qt56 for Qt 5.6), and KDE:Applications is being built for that combination (which makes it possible to also get KDEPIM 16.08.1 on 42.1):