Leap 42.1 Expensive loops???

I’m not sure where to put this one or where else it might happen so I’ll start with a general query here. Has anyone noticed anything along this lines?

The last couple of times I noticed this happening were 1. When my Internet connection went down while updating software with Yast and 2. Just now when I was slow in entering my password for a 1 click install. It seems to me like the system is waiting for something to happen but is using 100% CPU in the meanwhile.

I have not noticed what you describe.

What I do notice, particularly on older, slower computers, is that the “delta application” process uses a lot of resources during update. But that’s entirely local, as far as I know. If there are network problems, there can be delays in downloading the updates. But often an update is a delta, and then it is the delta application that takes a lot of time. The internet going down won’t be noticed until the delta application process has completed and it tries to download the next update.

A unique perk of openSUSE: you can start with a stable LTS oriented distro like Leap and once you’re acquainted to it you can move to a bleeding edge rolling distro as Tumbleweed is.
BTW, I switched from Archlinux, I found a lot to learn on openSUSE, I’m still learning something everyday and what I do not know is still very huge.
Sukhbir Singh Badal