Leap 42.1 Disable Plasma Network Notifications - HOW?

Is there a way of disabling the network notification pop-ups for Leap 42.1/Plasma?


I am not sure I understand you correct. If not, please ignore it :slight_smile:

By disabling network notification pop-ups, do you mean no messages on network activate/change/disconnect, etc?

Maybe you could achieve this through the corresponding module in System Settings > Notification. Then choose Network management in the Event source field, and all the events will be shown in the box below. Then you could change all the notifications there.

Here is an example of the dialogue window.

As you can see, the notification of pop-ups could be disabled by ticking off the regarding entries.


Thank You.
I found it at **Applications Menu > Settings > Configure Desktop > Notifications

:wink: Could you confirm for me that is this the same component as the one I suggested? Actually, I am not familiar with Leap 42.1. I assumed this setting was not changed a lot from Leap 42.1 to current TW.