Leap 15 & Samba issues

Updated from Leap 4.3 which had a working samba setup.
Now samba doesn’t work.
I have the firewall disabled (my router has a firewall that I use).
I followed some advice from other posts (finally getting success with remove/install smb server & client) and have gone from smb failed to a working nmb/smb when doing systemctl status smb.service.

Now I have no ‘samba shares’ folder in Dolphin->Network and when I type on the location bar “smb://192.168.x.x” I get “invalid protocol”.

I’m stumped… Any help please?

This reads like ‘kio-extras5’ is not installed.

Wow!, Deano, you nailed it! Wonder why that was not installed when I upgraded.

Good stuff! Not sure why it wasn’t installed though - I haven’t encountered such an issue.