LEAP 15 - Packages not included with ISO??

Hi Folks,
I downloaded LEAP 15 ISO for a friend without high speed internet. Really didn’t pay attention to the ISO size. The WEB page shows 4.7 GB, but the actual size was only 3.7 GB. He could not find most of the packages that he needed. What is going on?? Am I missing something??

TNX Will

The ISO is 3.6 GB and so not all packages are included.

That is normal.

It is indeed ~3.6 and even when it would be the maximum storable on a DVD, not all software would fit on it, but it is enough for a good functioning openSUSE (and you add individual packages later when needed.

As long as the checksum is OK, it i fine.

I was told that there are absolutely no development packages at all (no gcc, no GTK, no kernel source, etc.). There is also no ndiswrapper, so he can’t do any wireless internet with it.

I know what size the ISO is. The web page (https://software.opensuse.org/distributions/leap) says: x86_64 DVD Image (4.7GB). So that still does not help me get what is needed. They were all included under LEAP 14. We have been doing this process for a long time.

ISO is 3.7 GB, not 3.8 GB,

As there never was a LEAP 14, I assume there is some confusion here.

There may indeed be no development patterns on the ISO. And there are certainly no source RPMs. They are not seen as of imminent importance for most users.
When you want to offer your superior internet speed to your friend, you can of course download the packages and create a local repository from them. Move that repo (maybe on a DVD) to your friends system.

And about ndiswrapper. I know what it is, but I have not seen that mentioned for years already here in the forums. A very useful product it was during it’s time, I assume that today most wifi hardware is supported. But we have a sub-forum for that where you can see what information is required so that people here will be able to help with that.

Yea, 13.2 (I think) was the last one… me bad and long day :wink:

OK, I am looking for a good tutorial on how to create a repository…

You can copy all needed rpms to a local directory and enable this local directory in Yast----Repositories.

And if there are in future newer packages, copy them to the local directory and you will get them as Updates.

Unless you really do want to download everything beforehand and set up your own private repos, you don’t have to.

So, for instance during installation,
By default you only have 3 Desktops to choose from… KDE, Gnome and XFCE… plus an option without a Desktop and another option to deploy on a read-only root file system (Transaction Server).
If you’d like to install a different Desktop, you should “Enable Online Sources” during your install which will provide access to a much larger selection of packages including various Desktops like LXCE, LXQt, Enlightenment, Mate, Cinnamon, etc.

And, that is without installing repos specific to various technologies…

This applies whether you install using the DVD or the NET iso…
So, don’t feel that your installation is restricted to what you have on your DVD.


Are you aware of the fact that the OP is trying to download as much as possible on his system and to put that on a medium in order to install on a friend’s system which has a slow internet connection.

Thus I assume that advising him to download less to a medium, but to download more during installation is contrary to his whish.

I read and forgot that in the original post…
My Mistake…

I’m going to guess though that if it’s practical it would make more sense to move his friend’s machine to a fast online connection for that initial install and setup.


I fully agree with that.

When I downloaded the DVD image Leap 15.0, I noticed that the image size was 3.6 G. At the same time, the DVD image of Leap 42.3 weighs 4.3 G. Yes, and before, the images of DVD openSUSE size always was around 4.3 … 4.4 G. Do you want to ask the persons close to the emperor where did 0,7 G of valuable information go?

the iso should contain all that is needed to run a fully functional LEAP system in multiple languages it does contain devel packages definitely not all of them
something that I’ve noticed with the new LEAP 15 is the number of applications in the main repo has drastically increased during LEAP 42 I used a few apps from community repo’s (mcomix mpc-qt etc) now they’re available in the main repo
personalty I do live upgrades but when I need to do a clean install I use the network install iso as it only downloads packages I use, you could mirror the current OSS repo on a local disk and add it as a local repo but then you’d have to do the same with the update repo as there’s little point of keeping obsolete packages there are ways to do this but the only reason I can think of is if your LEAP does not have internet access or you want to control software updates

ISO does not include development tools (compiler in the first place) which means any development package on ISO is just waste of space.

3,917,479,936 bytes is the 15.0 .iso size. It seems likely that ability for the .iso to fit a 4GB USB device may have outweighed the value of the lost packages. Few systems have been shipping with OM readers for quite some years now. More people, maybe most, are having to install from USB.

The fact, that the * .ISO file is now placed on the 4G flash drive, is good. But, from the arch side, I would like to understand what groups of packages the developers have thrown out of * .ISO.

Quick dirty hack…I guarantee nothing:



Thank you very much!

Considering the number of HP printers and scanners that are out there, it’s surprising that hplip is not part of the Leap 15 ISO. In my case it meant a lot of wasted time trying to find out why installing my printer was not a quick and easy job - as it has been in the past. A list of excluded packages would have been very helpful.>:(