Leap 15 Online update and LXQT

As I cannot see an obvious thread to which to add this experience, this is to say that I now have Leap 15.0 up and running after the online update; I hit the corrupt /etc/resolv.conf problem mentioned elsewhere for which there is a bug report; though I had the LXQT pattern installed for 42.3, it was not installed for 15.0 during the online update; so I had to go into YaST to install the remaining items (ditto KDE).

In LXQT, the Quicklaunch widget still works as a quick launcher but there is apparently no way of adding new applications to it; Falkon (formerly Qupzilla) has dropped into its place very neatly inheriting all its settings and has obviously had some good work done on it as its tab handling is much improved and the (Konqueror style) shortcuts work though there are at present very few compared with Konqueror.

As mentioned elsewhere the icons from the quicklaunch applications in the Plasma panel have disappeared but right clicking on them and going into Properties enabled them to be restored.

Overall the least smooth update I have had using online update over the years but it still saved a huge amount of work compared with reinstalling.

Regarding LXQt,
I have found…

It’s not in the main install sources, whether you’re talking about the DVD or the NET install.
I haven’t yet got around to testing an online upgrade, but note what I’ve found about the NET install… Although the install source is an online repository, it’s <not> the same as “online sources.” Even if you are installing a NET install, you have to “configure online sources” to get the full selection of possible packages including LXQt. This may also be the case for upgrading, and I’ll be looking for that.

Regarding name resolution,
I upgraded only one LXQt machine yesterday and didn’t run into a problem.
In any case I’m configuring encrypted DNS on any new and upgraded installs I touch…
My post on this


I was using the command line online update which updated most of the LXQT packages; when I logged in most things were working but, for example, the application menu icon was missing. When I went into YaST and selected the pattern, it only downloaded about a dozen packages after which everything was back to normal.

What interested me was that, in 42.3, both the KDE and the LXQT patterns were shown as selected but the command line online update did not use this to select the patterns for 15.0.

There is a bug report relating to Network Manager corrupting /etc/resolv.conf; it may only happen in certain circumstances but the solution is simple - if you know it!

On one of my 15/LXQt upgraded from 42.3 running in Virtualbox,
I also noticed that missing application launcher icon, the background graphics also wouldn’t be re-sized automatically when the Guest Window size changed… I had only just started looking at a possible necessary Guest Additions re-build (if the VBox kernel modules weren’t built correctly) and ran into a problem doing that…

Went ahead and did what you described, and it looks like all the display and theme issues seem to be resolved…
For those who don’t want to go through the trouble of launching YaST just to do this, here is the zypper command I used

zypper in -f -t pattern lxqt

The command should result in the installation of six new packages containing themes and multi-media resources.

Also double-checking,
Although awhile back the decision was made not to include the LXQt Window Manager in our openSUSE, that decision seems to have been reversed, you can view with the following command

update-alternatives --config default-xsession.desktop

Good stuff, John… I assume you’ve already submitted a bug to the bugzilla?
I’d be willing to support your finding.