LEAP 15 Kompozer unuseable.

=== openSUSE Leap
=== uname -r = 4.12.14-lp150.12.4-default
=== VERSION =“15.0”
=== ID=“opensuse-leap”
=== kernel version is 4.13.0-rc4-1.g94b098f-default
=== kernel version is 4.12.14-lp150.12.4-default (geeko@buildhost)
=== Dell OptiPlex 780
=== X86-64
=== Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
=== Intel 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller
=== Intel Gigabit Ethernet Controller
=== Intel(R) Core™2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz
=== 8Gb RAM
=== Intel SATA Controller [RAID mode]
=== 2 x 1Gb HD (Mirrored)
=== # WLAN network interface

Hi All,

I use Kompozer but Suse 15 does not automatically install it.

I downloaded https://software.opensuse.org/package/kompozer and got Yast to install it.

0.8b3svn.225 was the version installed and, due to the following problems, I have downloaded it from both the sites available and installed them independently.

I can select Kompozer from the KDE menu Internet->Kompozer

It starts quickly, and if left alone simply waits for input however, if I move the cursor outside the main editing part of the screen, everything disappears. Kompozer shuts down.

The following code shows the process states, while Kompozer is on the screen and the 2nd, the moment the cursor has been moved outside the edit zone.

linux-ox1l:~ # ps -aux | grep kompozer
crb999   15596  0.0  0.0  13720  3376 ?        S    15:19   0:00 /bin/sh /usr/lib64/kompozer/run-mozilla.sh /usr/lib64/kompozer/kompozer-bin
crb999   15605  1.1  0.7 1035652 63560 ?       Sl   15:19   0:01 /usr/lib64/kompozer/kompozer-bin
root     15638  0.0  0.0   7432   828 pts/0    S+   15:20   0:00 grep --color=auto kompozer

linux-ox1l:~ # ps -aux | grep kompozer
root     15644  0.0  0.0   7432   880 pts/0    S+   15:22   0:00 grep --color=auto kompozer

Incidently, I was having problems with Packagekit interfering with my usual

linux-ox1l:~ # zypper up

I used

linux-ox1l:~ # killall -KILL packagekitd

I had not used Kompozer before the Packagekit interference and so mention it is passing.

All help appreciated.



Its broken as I see…

Also its an old Programm, not developed any more.

Thanks Sauerland.

I’d better move on.

I am having the same problem. I had serious issues trying to install Kompozer, which is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Or, at least, I have heard that it is. I like SuSE and have been running it continuously for years. I realize that Kompozer is long since abandoned, but the program is great and was good when work ceased on it. Linux theoretically installs and runs stuff that was written in the days of the Roman Empire. I had little trouble installing it from the SuSE web page (openSUSE Software), simply selecting “1 click install”. But it does not run as we both found out. The system reports that it is installed.

But maybe it is not installed? Is Linux turning into Windows 10? Too terrible to think about. I know about January 1, 1970 being the beginning of the UNIX epoch, but I never thought that 2018 would be the end.

There are still great people who make it available for Leap 15 (thanks guys!), perhaps someone can help us figure out why it will not run. Lacking that, can some one tell me a distribution that Kompozer will run on, so I can change over to it.

I really do not want to move on.

Thanks to all who might be able to help us.

Network configuration now uses commands that make no sense at all. Ifconfig always did, but apparently is no longer used. I had to install a package to make it right again. sigh Is there a package that I can install to make Kompozer run?

Hi, welcome,

openSUSE does not decide what upstream decides. Yes would could stick to programs / packages that are publicly declared deprecated and out of maintenance by their developers. Having said that, openSUSE Leap is already pretty conservative in moving to new upstream, specially since it shares it’s code base with SUSE Linux Enterprise. But we simply cannot maintain unmaintained stuff next to everything else we do, in our spare time. In fact, you’re already lucky with Leap’s policies to provide backward compatibility . But Kompozer? No way, it has been dead for ages.

That it’s dead is not, of itself, the problem.

What is there in the field that can do the same job, or similar.

I need to be able to pluck a page from my website, modify it and republish quickly, (which komposer could do), but this is a minefield.

Any suggestions? Except of course, “Don’t do it!”


Chris :slight_smile:

Same problem. Leap 15 Kompozer seg faulting right after start up.

Installed the Leap 42.3 version from here.

Specifically this one.

Seems to be working so far.

You can always try SeaMonkey’s built-in Composer:

  1. install SeaMonkey with Zypper or YaST
  2. start seamonkey
  3. press ctrl+4
  4. profit

I use SeaMonkey for everything internet-related (browsing the web, fetching mail via POP3/IMAP4, saving snippets of websites with Composer) except for Google Maps — which seems to work best with Chromium, despite SeaMonkey’s WebGL support.

And, it seems that, the SeaMonkey uses a Gecko HTML editor which is what KompoZer also used – 12 years ago for the stable version and, 9 years ago for the pre-release Beta version of KompoZer …

  • Unfortunately, Gecko has moved on over the last decade …

[HR][/HR]Please be aware that, using archaic software is fine and dandy but, archaic software only runs satisfactorily with archaic system libraries …

  • We all use “archaic” software … ‘ls’, ‘cp’, ‘grep’, ‘less’, ‘awk’ – but, those “archaic” tools are all maintained and execute against the latest system libraries …