Leap 15: Firewall application has changed, need help

Dear Community

In Leap 42.3 I did the following setting … :slight_smile:


I have no Idea where to set this in the new Firewall-Application of Leap 15.0. :frowning:

Any help is welcome.

Thanks in advance; PATRICK

Yes, as the release notes hint at firewalld is now used by default…

SuSEfirewall2: Replaced by firewalld. For information about migrating to firewalld, see https://en.opensuse.org/Firewalld and https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/security/html/book.security/cha.security.firewall.html#sec.security.firewall.firewalld.

Firewalld has a graphical configuration front-end (firewall-config package if not already installed) that offers the simplest way to adjust the firewall to your needs. It also offers a CLI utility (firewalld-cmd) which takes a bit more learning.

Are you wanting to allow UDP traffic from If so, check out adding a ‘rich rule’…

Alternatively using firewall-cmd, perhaps something like the following…

sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-rich-rule='rule family="ipv4" protocol value="udp" source address="" accept' --permanent
sudo firewall-cmd --reload

A good tutorial for getting a hang of the basics…