LEAP 15 beta - makefile problem

I was trying to build a package under Suse Leap 15 beta. I have achieved this before under Suse Leap 42, SLED 11, plus Centos, Debian et cetera.
Now what happens is that it does build the target, but then tries to compile a c file with the name of the target!
Example: you have a target foobar
foobar: foo bar

If you do make foobar, you see making foo followed by making bar
but then
making foobar.c followed by the compile command which fails because there is no foobar.c
So the workaround is to do ‘make -k’ which doesn’t hit the brakes. Since the targets, were built, this kludge is tolerable.
Same thing happens in Suse Linux Enterprise 15 beta (the sister distro).
BTW I am using Intel compilers, and even the latest version 18.0.1 does not officially support these latest offerings.
Could that have something to do with it?