Leap 15 and Screenshot-tool weird behaviour. (does not copy and paste, opens two instances)

As in a subject line, I am having issue with Screenshot tool in Leap 15. Even if I reinstall this still seems to be broken. I am observing a very weird behaviour. e.g. I cant close the application by the button, it opens second instance, Cant copy and paste the picture etc.
Please advise what to do with it or is there any reliable tool other than Screenshot-tool for Leap 15.

As such a screenshot tool functions within a desktp environment, please what DE are you using?

And I assume you have 15.0 already for some time, did this happen earlier or did you just try it out now?

I was using it for a year or more. About 6 months ago it started opening two instances and causing difficulty to close last instance.

Since a week I can take a snapshot and paste. It pastes only a file name not the picture.

like I did not copy it to the Clipboard. e.g. “Screenshot from 2019-12-03 14.13.33”

You still forgot to tell which DE you use (KDE, Gnome, LXDE, …).

When this started already behaving weird half a year ago, it is now a bt difficult to find out what changed just before it started to do so :frowning:

I am using default KDE. How to completely remove it?

Remove what? Spectacle?

Screenshot-tool - I removed it few times using yast but it must leave some bits. After re-installation the problem persists.

I have 15.1 (and run KDE), but the screen shot tool calls itself Spectacle. Isn’t that so in your system? I want tobe sure we talk about the same thing.

BTW remong and installing, and/or reinstalling is not realy something that will cure poblems.

Screenshot-tool is the package name of a screenshot tool designed for elementary OS. Spectacle is the name of the screenshot tool designed for and included in a normal KDE installation. I suggest to use zypper or YaST2 to purge screenshot-tool, then install and use spectacle instead.

If still having trouble after this, you can work around the problem by using the import cmdline tool from the ImageMagick package. Better yet, upgrade from 15.0 to 15.1, as 15.0 support has expired.

Please show us your repos:

zypper lr -d