will openSuse Leap 15 support AMD processor 2400G with integrated Vega RX graphics?

Thank you.

Should. You can always test it the 15 beta is available

Well, I don’t have the hardware yet, considering buying new PC. So would like to know if it will be usable with openSuse 15. So AMD DC should be backported to 4.12 suse kernel to have HDMI out one Vega graphics?

I doubt that. It’s pretty new even in Tumbleweed (first appeared in kernel 4.15)…

You can of course always install the latest kernel from additional repos on Leap as well, if you need it.

Fwiw . . . I just installed Leap 15 on a 2400G/450 chipset motherboard. The 4.12 kernel IMO is not stable enough for production, although it installs and runs. However, the update repo has the 4.14 kernel which after several days testing appears to be solid. I am having an annoying acpi table issue but that is very likely a mobo firmware bug, nothing to do with the kernel.

That said, the integrated graphics are a different story. IMO at least the 4.17 kernel is needed for adequate stability. The Kernel:/stable repo has the 4.18. Also, I would stay away from the amdgpu-PRO driver if at all possible; this hardware is just too new. I’m using an old nvidia card, so I can wait a while before moving to the Vega.