Leap 15 - after running upgrade from DVD - cannot do run level 5 as a certain user

My Leap 15.0 system went into kernel panic mode recently and I was forced to rebuild the boot partition using the “upgrade” selection from the Leap 15.0 DVD install disk. After 3 tries I was finally able to successfully upgrade and boot into linux. However as a certain user, “felix”, I cannot get into runlevel 5 and run the KDE desktop, the login screen processes the password, then spits back the original login screen. I have tested that the “felix” user and password function normally in run level 3, so it is apparently not a password or user problem. What should I look for that would be kicking or blocking the user “felix” from run level 5?

I created a brand new user name using Yast2 (users and groups management) and Leap 15.0 successfully created the folders on the /home partition and the new user is able to go into the KDE desktop run level 5, so that all looks okay, as the new user can logout and login back into run level 5 just fine.

But for some reason now, the original user “felix” is being barred from run level 5, but can do run level 3 CLI just fine.

Any ideas?

Check the permissions of user felix’s homedir.

Hard to guess.

But I suggest that you temporarily rename “.bashrc”, “.profile” and similar shell startup files (if there are others), and see if that helps.

For your better understanding.

It is the system that runs in level 5 (or 3, or 1). I assume your system runs in level 5 (which shows because there is a graphical login screen shown by some display manager like sddm, kdm, gdm, …), but that most users can login there and user feix can not.

Thus something goes wrong when user felix tries to login graphicaly (other users do not have that problem), but user felix can login in the console (CLI), thus it is proven that his password is OK.

Problem was setting a tmp variable called “XDG_RUNTIME_DIR” which apparently caused the system to kick the logoff. I cleaned up both the .profile and the .bashrc files, then was able to logon to runlevel 5 successfully