LEAP 15.6 checksum failure

I downloaded the LEAP 15.6 ISO, verified its checksum. I created a bootable USB disk, ran the post creation checksum:

$ sha256sum --check CHECKSUMS | grep FAIL
122:boot/x86_64/loader/isolinux.bin: FAILED
sha256sum: WARNING: 1 computed checksum did NOT match

I did re-try creating the USB drive. It was not a cosmic ray that flipped a bit: the same file failed.

What are the recommended solutions for an improper checksum?

I think you can ignore that. Just be sure that the overall checksum for the iso is correct.

At least in previous experience, the CHECKSUMS file has the checksum for “isolinux.bin” as first install, but not yet configured. Configuring of isolinux (for booting the iso) changes it to no longer match the original checksum.

My practice is to just verify the checksum for the install iso.

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As you do not tell how you did that, how can we conclude if you did that in a correct way?

I used Suse Studio Imagewriter.

It all comes back to me now…

Last year, when I came to upgrade to LEAP 15.5, I had the problem where the install image of linux would simply stop (frozen? crashed? no clue) at some arbitrary point (anywhere between 1% and 99%) while loading. It did not matter if the source was on DVD, USB, or network; they all failed.

The hardware is rather old, from 2010. Apparently that is too old for openSuse installation services. openSuse runs quite well otherwise.

The solution then, as it will be now, is to update the OS using zypper.

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