Leap 15.5 Shutdown and Reboot Freeze

I recently did an upgrade from Leap 15.3 to 15.5. This was done via a USB flash drive, preserving only my /home partition. My 15.3 and 15.5 were and are both KDE. It’s been about two weeks since I did my install, all updates have been applied.
When I finished the 15.5 install I noticed that it was taking a long time to finish, it was late so I checked the next morning, the install still didn’t appear to be finished and I couldn’t get a console so I forced a shutdown via the power button.
When I powered up 15.5 booted, I applied updates, selected to reboot, starts to shutdown, then hangs. Every time I need to reboot or shutdown it hangs, doesn’t matter if I try in a GUI or a console. I had an issue like this a while back on 15.3, it was the kernel, that got fixed. I’m not seeing anything about an issue like this on 15.5 so far. My installed kernel: 5.14.21-150500.55.19-default (64-bit)

Thanks in advance for any help,

zypper lr -d

zypper se -si kernel-default

zypper se -si | grep -Ei 'system_p|system p|system-p|systemp'

It is not recommended to Upgrade from Leap 15.3 to Leap 15.5…

You should clean up your Repo list.

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