Leap 15.5 boots to text mode (init 3) when laptop not plugged in

Thanks @malcolmlewis, I’ll try uninstalling suse-prime but it wasn’t a problem when I first installed openSUSE with the Nvidia drivers up until several updates. Was able to boot into gui on battery or plugged in. I can go back to an older snapshot but then when I update, the problem appears.

After uninstalling suse-prime and rebooting on battery only, I was able to reach a gui and sddm. I repeated this several times even from cold boot and each time booted to gui as expected. Adds more mystery. I had uninstalled upower (by suggestion of @dcurtisfra) and suse-prime was still installed and was able to reach a gui booting from battery (several times until that stopped working). Also, had upower, suse-prime, and Nvdia drivers on an earlier snapshot without issue - no issues with any of the prime-select options too:

sudo prime-select boot offload | nvdia | intel

Without prime-select, losing functionality for the hybrid graphics is a big negative. Same with upower; what is a laptop without battery status and battery power management.

hybrid laptop, Leap is probably a bit long in the tooth.

That’s why I chose Leap for stability, things less likely to break…or so I thought :slight_smile: Maybe I should try openSUSE Slowroll ?

@dad4linux There are alternatives, I use switcherooctl and only use the offload card when needed. I have an AMD dual GPU laptop, but also use on desktops without any issues, but my needs are mainly compute and encoding/decoding. Also works with Xorg or Wayland…