Leap 15.4 ModemManager

Can someone tell me why there are no official ModemManager and MM updates for Leap 15.4?

Unfortunately, the existing MM 1.12 package cannot handle the new WWAN modems in the Lenovo ThinkPad. This would require at least version 1.18, but version 1.20 would be even better.
The 1.18 packages available for download from build.opensuse.org but don’t run on Leap 15.4 and the 1.20 package is not available at all.

How can it be resolved to have an official, fresh ModemManager package for Leap 15.4, since this is essential for using the mobile internet?

Thank you for your help.

@iSipi Hi, there are no feature updates for Leap 15.4, only security and bug fixes. You would need to create a bug report asking if the needed features could be backported or a work around.
openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE Wiki

@malcolmlewis Thank you for your reply.
I am surprised that there is an official ModemManager 1.18 package for Tumbleweed and it works on it. Unfortunately, using Tumbleweed is not a solution for me, so I need a fresh official package for Leap 15.4. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for Leap 15.5, but it is not certain that ModemManager will come with it either…
I’ll check the bug report option and see what happens.

@iSipi Hi, that’s how Leap runs, older stable versions… Tumbleweed runs the latest and greatest…

It looks like Leap 15.5 will have 1.18.10: Show openSUSE:Leap:15.5 / ModemManager - openSUSE Build Service

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@malcolmlewis Unfortunately, Leap 15.5 is still only in beta.
So I don’t know if ModemManager actually works under 15.5, because according to build,opensuse, the two packages and the spec file are exactly the same and it doesn’t run on 15.4.