Leap 15.3 installer not had Detected NVMe M.2 SSD please help

Good Day, i have a big problem.

because, my laptop can’t install openSUSE Leap 15.3.

i new buyed ASUS ZenBook UX425EA-KI207 Freedos model, change to NVMe M.2 SSD (SAMSUNG 980Pro 1TB).

openSUSE Leap 15.3 booting after i’d installed Windows 10 for Dual Boot.
but, installer not detected SSD. (by the way, Tumbleweed installer is detected SSD.)
now, i can’t install openSUSE Leap 15.3, but i want it.

too many ask to me Change RAID to AHCI and Disable Secure Boot in BIOS.
it doesn’t matter. because, already changed.

perhaps, i think that Leap 15.3 detect module is not have. it is right?

this laptop has 11Gen intel CPU (i7-1165G7) (Intel RST, VMD)

how can i install openSUSE on my laptop?
i was 2 night skipped. i’m tired…

please help me…

Likely the hardware of your ASUS ZenBook is to new for the kernel of openSUSE Leap 15.3 while for Tumbleweed it is.

Not sure if the installer can run with a newer kernel.

Very thanks for answer.

Not good……
If i can….

How to kernel upgrade of leap installer?
Or i want contact to openSUSE Leap Developers…

you don’t have any good idea? or another way?

You could try to install Windows on the NVMe and OpenSUSE on the HDD.And yes, you will have to adapt your BIOS configuration (after these installations) so that grub is able to see Windows on the NVMe.

Just install Tumbleweed.

Yes, I know it is a rolling release but you can chose to do updates not that frequent and if you are using something like Snapper for BTRFS, you can easily go back if an update did break things.
My experience with Tumbleweed is that it is quite stable and if something breaks, things are almost always fixed pretty soon.

Change installation image: GitHub - openSUSE/mksusecd: Script to create a SUSE installation ISO image.

With your new hardware you’ll need the newest kernel and Mesa 3D.

ok, i’ll try. Very thanks your answer!!!