Leap 15.3 docker image?

In my attempts to deploy a Qt5-application via docker I experience problems: when run with docker, the qt-application does not show any fonts…
I have built the application on leap 15.3, with a qt 6.15.2 built from source.
Trying to find the cause of the problem, I realised that it is not clear to me what the docker base image that is provided entails

Is there somebody who can shed some light about the docker images available for opensuse leap 15.X?

There is a 15.2 image at https://hub.docker.com/r/opensuse/leap. The image for 15.3 is not there yet.
As it is possible to put, in the Dockerfile

FROM opensuse/leap:latest

the question rises what ‘latest’ refers to.
Given that leap 15.3 is already out for some time, what does latest mean here? Is this referring to the latest patch of 15.2, or is it 15.3?
And is there any way I can find out what is contained in the image?

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Not sure why you think there is no 15.3 image? Sure there is :slight_smile:

docker pull opensuse/leap:15.3

15.3: Pulling from opensuse/leap

922d952965e0: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:fd7200b03ce4e19216f5fe07964873fdd7fafa955651a655c24236079f3a7014
Status: Downloaded newer image for opensuse/leap:15.3

Basic docker tools do not have a feature to list all the tags, you’ll need a script for that. Lots of them, for example here; https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28320134/how-can-i-list-all-tags-for-a-docker-image-on-a-remote-registry

Ah, I feel embarrassed! The answer to your question is that 15.3 does not feature in the link mentioned in the original posting. I should have tried, of course.
Thank for your response!