leap 15.2 - Mounting storage drive from Leap 15.1

I have a pair of old machines running Leap 15.1 for network storage. (One backs up the other)
The old machines have the large disk mounted to /home and the installation on a separate smaller disk.

I have installed 15.2 on two new(er) machines. I did the installation to a single SSD, partitioned for swap, /boof/efi and /

Now, I want to mount the /home partition on the 2GB disk (including the data) from one of the old machines.
I installed the disk, opened Partitioner, see /dev/sdb and /dev/sdb1 with the XFS Partition.
When I select /dev/sdb1 and Modify>Edit Partition Then select Mount device (mount point of /home is already selected)
then click Next and I get this message.

“The Btrfs subvolume mounted at /home is shadowed.”

and the mounting of my data is not allowed.
I really don’t understand this, but I suspect something to do with the fact that since /home is under the already mounted /
with the BrtFS and thus the message.

What is the best way to get my old disk/data mounted to /home?

Have fun,

I do not understand this very well.

When you want to mount (part of) the directory tree of a running Linux system (in your case the one with 15.1) on another Linux system (the one with 15.2), you need to make the first system an NFS server and run NFS client n the other (and of course I assume they are TCP/IP connected).

In any case, when you think it is important that people reading this understand the partitioning of your systems, you should post those. Just telling stories does not work. As root

lsblk -f

Thank you.
I understand how to use NFS to ‘mount’ a share from another machine.
The issue here is the physical disk. I want to take the physical disk containing \home from the old machine and put it into the new machine and then mount it at \home.

I can do this at the original install time, by configuring the ‘system’ on the small SSD (/boot, swap and /) and /home on the “big” disk
My question is how to mount the disk with /home from the old machine into the already configured new machine. That is it then ‘replaces’ the originally configured /home.


Well, change the the device identification in /etc/fstab. When it is the same file system type that is all. Then umount and mount.

When you want more detailed advice then show information:

cat /etc/fstab

and as root

lsblk -f