Leap 15.2 misssing Bumblebee repository


I am trying to install Bumblebee on an Optimus laptop. I was following the instructions here:


I reached the step where you install the Bumblebee repository and there is only a link for 15.0. I searched the directory tree and found a repository for 15.1. Should I use “Kernel_stable_standard”? or wait for a 15.2 directory to appear?



I am not sure that bumblebee is going to work with 15.2 but anyway the bumblebee package is available here: https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/openSUSE:/Leap:/15.2/standard/x86_64/bumblebee-3.2.1-lp152.3.5.x86_64.rpm
If you are looking for the nvidia-bumblebee packages maybe you have to wait until the X11 repo catches up with newer builds; using the kernel:stable repo is not going to work unless you also have the matching kernel installed.
You may test suse-prime as a better replacement.
Please note that I have not attempted installing any of the above on 15.2 yet, so maybe other Forum members know better.
BTW, DRI_PRIME should work out of the box on 15.2, so maybe there is no need for bumblebee anymore (just pre-pend DRI_PRIME=1 to the name of the program, like in the following).

DRI_PRIME=1 glxgears

Thanks you for the quick reply. I tried out DRI_PRIME, it does not seem to work for me:

$ DRI_PRIME=1 glxspheres
Polygons in scene: 62464 (61 spheres * 1024 polys/spheres)
GLX FB config ID of window: 0xe8 (8/8/8/0)
Visual ID of window: 0x17b
Context is Direct
OpenGL Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 (Coffeelake 3x8 GT2)
144.335956 frames/sec - 161.078927 Mpixels/sec

I am going to rollback to before I started all this as it seems to have caused my lappy to burn more battery. I had a feeling that I was too early on something like BB. I will try back in a month or so.