Leap 15.2 Live KDE x86-64 does not start/hangs up/not live/dead as a parrot

I just tried to have a look at the Leap 15.2. The Live version just gives me a bulb graphic and a moving cursor. That’s all.
Why this is the case?

Which hardware?

  • Yes, there are hardware combinations which the Live image doesn’t support …

[HR][/HR]If you boot an Installation image, does that begin to show the installation steps?

It is hard to guess without more information.

My best guess is that there is something about your video card that it doesn’t like.

Try adding “nomodeset” to the kernel command line. If you are using traditional BIOS booting, there should be a field to enter that. With UEFI booting, you need to select the boot menu line you want, then hit the ‘e’ key to get an edit box. Scroll down to find the line starting “linuxefi” and append the command to the end of that line.