leap 15.1 wireless disconnects

My laptop keeps having to reconnect to wireless. I have to enter the password to the AP everytime. New install.
I have other devices on the same AP and they have no problem.
I’m bewildered.

Hello and welcome to the forums.

Linux (and thus openSUSE) has many more pssobilities then you seem to see. Thus the ways to connect to a network are manyfold. So please explain as good as you know what way you use. Like Wicked or NetworkManager, etc.

I am using network manager. Everything is pretty much default. This is all new to me. Different terrain.

I have used Linux for many years but my new Asus will only allow me load certain disros and so I have migrated to Opensuse.

My old distro, PCLOS, was much easier and I did not have to jump through hoops to get what I wanted.

I have tried all the allowed distros and opensuse seems to be the best for my purposes.

My recommendation is to configure a system-wide connection when configuring wifi network in the NetworkManager connection editor.

To make your connection available as a system connection go to the Identity tab and set the check box Make available to other users. For more information about user and system connections, see Section 28.4.1, “User and System Connections”.

Then you won’t have to enter any credentials again. (They are stored in a root-owned config file located in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ directory.) User connections may require use of a password manager in the background which will prompt you for a password upon opening for the first time in a desktop session. That may be what you’re encountering here?

Anyway, just in case these guides are helpful to you…