leap 15-1@windows 10, where are my directories mounted?

Dear all,

I am new and searched the question in FAQ and internet, but did not find the answer of my question. Anyone can help with the question, or the way to search its answers are welcome.
It is a quite essential question. I installed the opnesuse leap-15-1 for windows 10. Then I have the question, where are the directories mounted, i.e. if in the opensuse cmmand line, I edited a text file and saved in “~/doc/test1.txt”, where is it located, in the language of windows (e.g. “c:\suse\home\subhuti\doc est.txt”) ? The idea behind is that I wish to set the home directory in the linux system same as the one of my windows user home. Thus the os could be treated as a header, I can freely work in either enviorment without much switch cost. Or this is a wrong question, they do not share files at all?
Thanks in advance!

I’m sure you will find answers here: https://superuser.com/questions/1185033/what-is-the-home-directory-on-windows-subsystem-for-linux

Also a few common utilities can help…

tree - It’s not installed by default, when you run it, it will graphically display the descending directories and files from your location. The following command installs tree.

zypper in tree

To display your root and directories only 2 levels deep, try this

tree -d -L 2 /

find and locate - Both these commands will find files on your system. Locate has an additional benefit that you can specify any text string which can be a partial path, so for instance if you wanted to display all files and directories on your system that contain the text string “sbin/” , then

locate sbin/

Or, a subdirectory of /usr/

locate /usr/sbin/

Of course, if you didn’t want to see a directory tree, you can view only one level deep with “ls”

ls /
ls /srv/