leap 15.1 shutdown Dell XPS 15 during installation


I am trying to install leap 15.1 x64 in my new Dell XPS 15 laptop. Initially, it goes well until the green bar appears. My laptop was shut down automatically when the green horizontal bar came to the end.
Does anybody know how to resolve this problem?

thanks a lot.

Exactly which XPS 15 do you have?

Did you try hitting the ESC key as soon as the bar appears to look for error messages?

You could try appending nomodeset to the installation kernel cmdline.

It is Dell XPS 15-9570

I just noticed that it failed at the following stage:

loading basic drivers .... OK
starting hardware detection ... OK
(If a driver is not working for you, try booting with brokenmodules=driver_name.)

Intel 82801 mobile SATA Controller [RAID mode]
  drivers: ahci*
Activating usb devices....

All of a sudden, it shut down automatically. >:)

In searching for specifications for this “model” I found that “it” is actually 5 Optimus models. Optimus models usually require special installation configuration (nomodeset on installation kernel cmdline).

I also found this “model” has a history of heat-related trouble that suggests to me to return to vendor and acquire something else to replace it.

Did you try installation using nomodeset?