LEAP 15.1 PostgreSQL Server and PAM authentication

The “postgresql-server” package does not ship with a PAM service file (in /etc/pam.d/). The official PostgreSQL documentation states that the default PAM service name is “postgresql”, so by default PostgreSQL Server looks for a PAM service file of this name (although it can be changed in pg_hba.conf I think). This makes PAM authentication with PostgreSQL Server broken out of the box I believe.

I couldn’t find any openSUSE documentation on this specifically. Is it the intention for all server admins to write their own PAM service file? Is this a bug?

Hi, pls provide link to the PostgreSQL documentation you referenced, sounds suspicious.


Why would that sound suspicious? It’s in the official PostgreSQL documentation, under the first paragraph of the section that references PAM:





Also, http://www.linux-pam.org/Linux-PAM-html/sag-configuration-file.html