Leap 15.1 GNOME Steam War Thunder fails start

OS: openSUSE Leap 15.1 with GNOME 3.26.2

First, my thanks to Henk van Velden for pointing out another error I missed :slight_smile:

Around six weeks back fitted extra RAM with Steam starting with significant improvements, War Thunder (only game have on there at moment) opened up ok, however needed go away so logged out.

When next (month ago) on Steam made some updates, since these am unable to start War Thunder, it just starts, opening a box, then almost immediately closes.

Hand typed notification from Steam

*Steam Warning:

Steam - Error

An error occurred while updating War Thunder (missing executable):

Thunder/launcher.exe *

How can we change selection from MS-W so linux executes ?

Steam yesterday updated again, including some for linux, same problem in fail to run game.

Brief from notes:

                                                     *2 August    - Steam Client Beta - August 1st

The Steam Client Beta has just been updated with the following changes:

Fix Steam client drop down menus temporarily freezing client and showing at incorrect location when client is partially offscreen
Fix a case where the saved client configuration could be overwritten if running Steam on multiple PCs at once
Steam Remote Play
Fixed several Crashes
Fixed chord combinations for back / start / thumbstick clicks on MFi controllers
Steam Input
Add support for the Victrix PS4 Pro Fight Stick*

Steam Support advised self to contact Gajinent re War Thunder.

Contacted Gajinent, received an assigned ticket number, await response.

Any other ideas ?


Appreciate my above post be moved to forum: Games

Think is time went back to bed, hopped out the others side…