Leap 15.1 File problems

Hello all, please bare with me as Im learning this OS day by day. I have a drive that has two images on it of a VHD’s. The image was created using LEAP 15.1. I installed a fresh copy of the OS and I am able to see the drive and the image files. Both files are designated as .STL files where as they should be designated as Image files. I plugged a windows External HD into the machine and was able to copy both of the .STL files on to it, but when I open my windows machine, it just shows the files a “file” not .stl. My question is how the hell do I extract the VHD’s from the two files made by Leap. I’m in a bind here and could really use some help. Thanks in advance.

It’s hard to know what this is about.

I presume that “VHD” refers to a virtual hard drive. But you have not said what virtualization software you are using.

I’m sorry for the confusion. Images were made of a server and vm’s. There were made with leap 15.1. My company normally deals with windows environments and i need to convert the image files to virtual hard drives for analysis. I hope this clarifies a little.

You should be more specific. Please do not assume that others understand exactly what you or others did, do, see or whatever.

E.g. when you says “images were made” that is unsufficient to give people any idea about what happened. Images of what exactly are made by what tool, with what parameters, etc., etc.

And do not use menmonics like VHD and other lingo you think poeple wrld wide will understand (which is in most cases not so) etc. Others may not understand that. Take the time and the effort to type, re-read, and correct your post until you think that other will understand what happned in what sequence.

Ok, I’ll do my best. .img (images) were made of a server and I need to convert those files to a virtual hard drive .vhd file so that the images can be processed in a windows environment. For some reason the .img file is showing as an .STL (3D print file) and not a .img (image ) file. When those files were copied over to a windows (ntfs) drive, the files only show as “file” and not .img or .stl. Does this help?

How? Was this done on a openSUSE Leap15.1 system? and with which tool?

With what tool do you plan to do this? And where? On the openSUSE Leap 15.1 system?

Where is that “showing”? When on a openSUSE Leap 15.1 system, then please show us also. And I do not undrstand this at all. You say you have files were the name ends in .img and now all of a sudden, with nothing done, the names changed to end in .STD? I can not believe that.

ls -l <the files>

First you talk about file ending in .STL and now about .stl That is NOT the same.
And again, how did you copy them.
And which tool shows them as files (which t hey are of course) and not as .img or .stl. ASre those suffixes gone now?

Please confirm that,

  1. You made a copy of a Leap 15.1 system as an image – What sort of image? – An ISO image such as those used to make a bootable medium?
  2. There were some Virtual Machines on the Leap 15.1 machine, which you also copied to some images – What sort of image?
  3. The virtual hard drives are to accessible by systems running Redmond’s Windows OS – Specifically which virtual hard drive format is preferred by the analysis to be made using the Windows machines?