Leap 15.1 Dolphin Location Bar Dropdown - No History

I recently updated one of my notebooks to Leap 15.1. I use the ‘editable location’ option for the Dolphin location bar. The dropdown in the location bar shows no history - I do not see the different locations I’ve entered, only the most recent location.

For example, when the machine had 15.0 installed, if I would add an ftp://user@domain.com location, I could click the dropdown to move back and forth between ‘home’ and the ‘ftp’ location (or multiple ftp locations). This is no longer the case. Since installing 15.1, I only see the most recently visited location. (Fresh install of 15.1, not an update/upgrade).

I have looked through the config and settings pages/menus and cannot find anything that changes this behavior. And I’ve been searching these forums and Google for hours. I would appreciate any help/ideas!

This is a screenshot from 15.0 - as you can see, the dropdown shows my home directory and the ftp location.

Dolphin in 15.1 shows only the last entered location.

The search engines (DuckDuckGo and G…) didn’t find it but, it’s in the KDE Forum:

It seems that, the feature was there but, now it’s not but, someone’s working on it …

The KDE Forum structure for Dolphin is as follows: