Leap 15.0 still got updates - how long it will last?

Made update 04 Dec.

https://en.opensuse.org/Lifetime says:

Leap 15.0 - is expected to be maintained until end of November 2019

And where is Evergreen edition?

It is not supported anymore, so you should not even have tried to update rotfl!

Evergreen is s a thing of the past. Last Evergreen (that of openSUSE13.1) was stooped in November 2016.

That does not say much. If you haven’t updated since say June, that should not be a suprprise.
But it should also not be a suprise if from now on the repos will vanish one by one.

Previous update was 02 December, got some stuff.

It also depends of course what repos you have. Some home repos e.g. mat sill automatic update when they have a change in the package.

In any case, you better stop updating (and thus worrying about it) and just move over to 15.1

I updated on Dec 02. Then I saw this post, booted into 15.0 and updated again. There were several new patches.

The work on those patches was probably in progress. Maybe there are a few more in progress.

I run 15.0 on 4 devices. Shall i install 15.1 now, or wait for 15.2 ?
Any experts have a smart advice to give ?

Your choice.

These days, I am an early adopter. But 10 years ago, my practice was to keep with a release until its EOL, and then still continue until the next release came out. If I were following that practice, I would be waiting for 15.2 before upgrading.

But you have to assess the risks. It is possible that a serious security problem might be found, and for that there will be no fix with 15.0.

It also depends on the path you want to walk to the new version. When you want to use the “change repos and zypper dup” method, I would go to 15.1 asap and to 15.2, a few months after release.

When you want to do a fresh install (keeping user data), I would wait until a few monts after 15.2 release and then jump.

But that is my personal idea, amongst others based on the glimpless updtea from 15.0 to 15.1 using change repos I had.

That would imply running an unsupport version for quite a long time. 15.2 will be released in May 2020 …

I’m planning to do some laptop upgrade 15.0 -> 15.1 with stock repos + Packman doing a

zypper --releasever 15.1 dup --allow-vendor-change

Which worked fine in a test VM with only stock repos and without the vendor-change option.

5 days ago to the hour I updated 15.0 on host gb250 here. Now I booted it again, did zypper ref zypper lu and there are 12 updates waiting from standard repos, among which gpg2, e2fsprogs, mcelog & wicked*, and libwicked to be removed.

Happy for the test VM, but how about a real machine for production ?

Can u explain this command ?

He meant

zypper ref && zypper lu

which means to have zypper refresh the repos, then list updates.