Leap 15.0 on a laptop

I got a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad x230 recently, and installed Leap 15.0 after first installing a higher capacity SSD (512GB Sandisk Ultra 3D SSD). To my surprise, everything works! The WiFi works, and today I tried using Bluetooth to send a photo to the laptop from my cell phone. The laptop has Intel graphics, and I was pleased to read someplace that it is supported “out of the box”. I installed OpenArena - the graphics are gorgeous, and smooth, no choppy action. Amazing! No proprietary drivers are needed.

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Almost forgot - I set it for “Legacy Only” instead of UEFI or whatever it’s called. Only because I am a bit leery of that. Probably for no reason :shame:

Thanks for sharing your experience. And we are glad that it worked out well.