I posted a couple of threads in Networking about TLS and LDAP

It would seen from looking at these forums and googling that
11.3 would not allow a self signed certificate in the chain for LDAP
whereas 11.2 would. This doesn’t really matter since we don’t check
the TLS/SSL option in the LDAP client anyway, however 11.4 doesn’t
allow you to un check it any more. Which means either way you are
up the creek

We are using openldap for authentication and autofs

so …
1 is there a way to uncheck the TLS/SSL box in LDAP or
2 is there a way to get it to accept self signed certificate



I have just installed opensuse 11.4 in my laptop (my server remains 11.3) and i have noticed the same problem. I would appreciate to have an answer to this problem.

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