ldap via yast: ldap-sasl-interactive_bind_s: Local error (-2)


I took to yast to install ldap. I creating the CA cert , server key and server cert and specified them during the yast ldap server dialogs.

the firewall is open for ldap.

I also went through yast’s ldap client … though I didn’t exactly see to anything (presuably it wrote up a configuration file somewhere).

However when trying use the basic ldap tools, like ldapwhoami. Well it doesn’t connect and gives me the above error. Of coure the ldap db is unpopulated as yet, so it probably is not able to say who am at all. But ldapadd doesn’t work either.

Anybody with any experience in this and can lend a suggestion? It seems to point to my SSL usage not being correct … so I’m trying to double check that now.

May thanks in advance.

no experience/suggestions on this ldap issue, no?

Well one of the things to check is if slapd is listening on the ldaps port, 636. And if not, why not. With the help of the log files.