ldap users appear with UID numbers, system claims they don't exist.


I wanted to use ldap to create users on my machine. I got LDAP set up via yast, and it seems to work OK. But when I create a user via LDAP, the system doesn’t seem to want to know.

LDAP actually creates a home directory for the new user, but the system merely assigns it a UID and nothing else.

I have access to another opensuse system which does not behave in this way. I.e. I can set up a user exclusively in LDAP and the system will recognise the new user no problem.

I have compared the two ldap configurations to see if there’s some magic “propagate LDAP users to Local users” setting, but this doesn’t appear to exist.

Any clues from LDAP admins out there?

Compare /etc/nsswitch.conf.

BTW, LDAP doesn’t “propagate to local users”, that’s the wrong mental model. LDAP is used as a database of users directly.

Hi ken_yap,

Thanks for opening my eyes to nsswitch.conf! It’s been one of those files I’ve seen but never looked into (cough, cough, there’s a few others in that predicament as well).

In this case, the nsswitch.conf in the “obedient” and “disobedient” systems are practically the same, so my problem may not directly be nsswitch.conf, but I also think I need to orient myself a bit better here as you point out.

I’ll have to come back here if that new line of inquiry doesn’t work.

Thanks again