LDAP Problems with 11.2

Hello Community,

we have a weird problem with our opensuse 11.2 server installation.

We want to set up a LDAP Server using the Yast-LDAP Server configuriation tool.

This indeed already worked weeks ago until…this week.
Maybe some updates??!

I do not know what happend exactly. The server just does not want to start again and throws following error:

Starting ldap-serverstartproc: exit status of parent of /usr/lib/openldap/slapd: 1 failed

This happend after a little check of the configuration, but without a change, with Yast. Google delivered only “reinstall your box”-answers.

So… i did that. And now the “mystical” part: The SAME ERROR occurs with a fresh vanilla system with a brand new and simple configuration (certificats, database, pw…the first Yast config dialog…). I did not change the way i set it up.

I remember, when i did this the first time with 11.2 on that machine, when no problems occured…everything was running out of the box (except the “use commen server certificate” option…).

I have no clue…

Sorry for my bad English…

Look in /var/log/messages for any error messages from slapd.

“Bad config”

i checked schemata etc. all which could prevent slap from starting. user rights of the certificates etc…

slapd.conf is unfortunately not used by SuSE 11.2 anymore…

I ran slaptest etc.

The problem is, that i did not touch the config, which already worked before. How can it be, that a running LDAP Server Configuration completely configured by yast stops working all of a sudden, and moreover that a fresh installation, where the same steps were taken to configure which worked before, throws the same error which came out of nowhere?
I only created a CA and a simple LDAP Serverconfig using the Yast Tool. It won’t even start the first time anymore, but it did before, and it did well.

btw. it is the opensuse x86_64 version.

Maybe a bug in the startup script, i don’t know

Maybe the backend config DB got corrupted.

That’s what i thought first.

So i tried to make a fresh reinstall, and deletet the DB /var/lib/ldap and all configs related to openldap in /etc/openldap and /etc/ldap.conf, reinstalled the package openldap2 and tried again, no success.

Then, i did a complete reinstall of opensuse 11.2, which did not work either. I did not use any configs of the installation before. Everything was fresh and vanilla. Always the same error. That is exactly the point which makes me wonder if an update corrupted the startup stripts somehow. Because that is what i haven’t tried yet: an installation without online updates afterwards.