LDAP + NFS network -- workstations occassionally freeze

Hi guys, I’m having a quite annoying but intriguing problem on my network set-up at work.

We have two servers:

  • a DHCP, DNS, and repository server (for network installations) running openSuse 11.0, and
  • an LDAP and NFS server to share home directories across the network running openSuse 10.3

We have about 20 workstations connected and the home directories of each of them are mounted via automount (I tried static NFS mount in fstab as well, but same problems).

Our problem is that sometimes (randomly, could happen after 5 days or 10 minutes) logged in workstations freeze (X lockup) and others who try to log in can’t log in (the desktop environment is stuck at its loading screen). This happens to any DE (KDE, Gnome, Xfce), but terminal login is fine (either at the workstation or ssh). Killing X works and the login manager still shows up, but if you try to log in from the login manager the DE is stuck at loading screen as I said before, so it’s not a full system lockup.

So far the only working remedy is rebooting the LDAP/NFS server, which is not what I quite like. Logs (both at the workstations and the server) don’t show anything out of the ordinary.

I’m thinking this is because of NFS, but as I said, terminal login is fine (as in I can log in and the home directory is mounted correctly). Any ideas?

PS: I have a few computers who only uses LDAP (with local home directory, not NFS) and they seem to work fine everytime this problem occurs

I have exactly the same problem. Only on Ubuntu to Suse. Did you ever solve this? I have searched everywhere and could not find anyone else with the same problem.