LDAP & KDM - No KDM login list for LDAP user [OpenSUSE 12.2]

I just added ldap authentication to a machine in order to experiment with ldap possibilities.

Ldap works. I added one ldap authenticated user using YAST User and Group Management. I have two password authenticated users.

On KDM startup, the password authenticated users appears in the user list (located to the left of the user/password data entry box). The ldap authenticated user does not appear on the list. However, ldap authenitacated user can be logged in by entering user and password in the user/password data box.

I would like the ldap user to appear in the user list just like the two password authenticated users do. But don’t know how. I don’t know if this is a KDM issue or something that needs to be addressed in ldap.

User images and the appearance (or non-appearance) of the user list are controlled by KDE Configure Desktop/System Administration/Login Screen. Under the tab “Users,” the login list can be turned on or off. Under the same tab users can be excluded (the ldap user doesn’t appear in that list) and images can be assigned to various users (the ldap user doesn’t appear on the list of users who can change or add images). For these purposes KDM doesn’t seem to recognize there is an ldap authenticated user.

Any help, in getting KDM to treat the ldap and password users in the same, would way be appreciated.

As far as I can tell, only local users of the computer will be shown with the KDE Desktop. For any computer that may be used off the local net, like a Laptop, I would assume the local user would exist in the local list. But No matter, you can elect for the list to not be shown for the KDE Login, which is what I elect to do. This would be a KDE setting @ Menu / Configure Desktop / System Administration Group / Login Screen / Users Tab / Show Users Check Block and user list to be shown.

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