I have freshly installed leap15 unable to configure as ldap client.

I’m using the Yast tool to configure, and it end with a pop up message “Failed to install software packages required for LDAP”.

Seem like the pam_ldap package is not available for leap15.

Anyway to solve this?

Thank you.

Which package exactly is believed missing?
(The displayed error, possibly also in your system journal)

There is a generic pam ldap package built in a User’s home repo…


Just chiming in because I checked it out as well yesterday. There are only versions for Tumbleweed and 42.3. There aren’t any non-“Experimental” (unstable) for 15.

Hi Guys,

I have get this fixed.

To configure LEAP15 for OpenLDAP client, it should be configure with User Logon Management.

Previously I was try to configure it with LDAP and Kerberos Client, which showed me the error message, “Failed to install software packages required for LDAP”.

Thank you.