LDAP Auth against OpenBSD

Hello all, I have an OpenLDAP server that is configured and running OpenBSD. I am able to authenticate Ubuntu clients against my server, but I am having trouble configuring OpenSUSE. All I have done so far is use YaST to configure the settings for LDAP authentication.

However when a user attempts to login, I get an error that says unable retrieve authentication information at GDM. The interesting thing is, that if I run su - SomeLdapUser I am able to run as that user. Any help is appreciated, as I’d like to move away from Ubuntu. :wink:

Though there may be newer versions of these guides, did you see:

OpenLDAP/Basic setup - openSUSE

Howto LDAP userAuth - openSUSE

Note in particular the step in the User and Group administration where you may select LDAP auth.


I have problem with ldap client too.

I am running opensuse 12.3, as ldap client.

Ldap user only show primary, other groups are not available.

Can anyone please advice ?

I think the problem came from SSSD