"LDAP and Kerberos" menu not visible in YaST

I have a brand new openSUSE Leap 15.4 VM running and I am trying to configure LDAP client with Yast.

By default the “LDAP and Kerberos Client” is not installed, so I ran

zypper install yast2-auth-client

Note that the yast2-auth-client module is actually supposed to bring 2 menus in Yast:

  • “LDAP and Kerberos”
  • “User Logon”

Installation is successful, no error, but when running yast the “LDAP and Kerberos” menu is not there, while “User Logon” is ok.
So installation seems to be only partial. No idea how to fix that,
Any suggestion ?


The YaST support for LDAP and Kerberos is located in the “User Logon Management” section – the documentation is in the “Security and Hardening Guide” –

The procedure I am following is this one: https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/archive/15.0/security/html/book.security/cha.security.ldap.html#sec.security.ldap.yast.client
It says to go in Network ServicesLDAP and Kerberos Client to configure LDAP client.
Is this still valid ?

This procedure did work fine on another VM I used to have, but does not work on a new one.
I do not need to join an Active Directory

The first link you mentioned says “*Two of the YaST modules are based on SSSD: User Logon Management and *LDAP ***and *Kerberos Authentication.
But I only see one of those two.

Stab in the dark as I’m not familiar with this…

Perhaps you also need to install “yast2-ldap” ?

yast2-ldap is installed. As well as yast2-auth-client and openldap2.

I’ll try with Leap 15.3…

That’s the Security Guide for Leap 15.0 – “/documentation/leap/archive/15.0/security/html/” …
Please use this version – <https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/security/html/book-security/index.html&gt;.

You possibly need the section “SSSD” (System Security Services Daemon).

Yes, that’s what I figured out after.
What confused me is that in another VM I was able to add “LDAP & Kerberos” menu in a 15.4 installation.

But yes, the conclusion is that with 15.4, this is replaced by “User Logon Management” and SSSD
I have been able to configure SSSD/LDAP.
Still have troubles, but that will be a different topic.

Thanks for the support