lcd screen settings in kde

I am trying to use a Samsung lcd TV s my monitor.

I can boot up OK , to user login then as soon as I log in all I get is “Input not supported” on a blank screen

If I have got this far has X started Ok / and therefore I can assume the problem is not related to xorg.conf?

If that is correct what changes at login to mess up the monitor settings?

Video is an Intel 845 chip , onboard a MicrStar neon mboard.
This is a fresh/clean install of Suse 11.0 with KDE 3.5

Booting up Suse into failsafe works a treat, no errors , good resolution etc. Attempting to change any settings in monitor and display causes “Input not supported” and I have to reboot.

Is it just me then ,or has nobody else had KDE monitor problems?

It would really help me figure out what is going on if someone would tell me what KDE does after login that might affect graphics output?

Since you say you can boot in failsafe mode, have you tried launching

sax -r

in failsafe mode? It might find the correct settings for your TV. By the way: which connector are you using to connect to the TV?

As I understand, there are three different video settings during boot/login, at least in my machines (all with nvidia graphics/KDE 3.5):

The graphical boot login uses vesa framebuffer driver. Basic graphics, supported by all video boards.

X starts the video module (driver). That’s when I see the nvidia logo for a second or two.

KDM (the KDE login manager, I think) re-sets the configuration based on the control center settings when it starts, but ONLY if RandR extension version that Xorg uses has config options (it does in OS 10.2, it doesn’t in OS11/Xorg 7.2). If they resolution/frequency is different, you see the display margins changing or the LCD resynchronizing.

IIRC, the control center config resolution options are necessarily a subset of the xorg.conf settings.

Not sure if any of this will be of help, though.

sax -r gets “command not found” but running it from applications>system>configuration works and the settings look fine to me , lcd,1280x1024,60hz, the graphic chip is right too.

I am using a d-sub cable.


Hmmm … I don’t know what model your TV set is, but those settings don’t look al right to me. To support that definition, it should be a HDTV (maybe a “HDTV-ready” would do too) – but in that case, the aspect ratio is all wrong, all HDTVs have 16:9, whereas your resolution is clearly a 4:3. Check your TV manual and then set sax2 to a supported resolution/refresh rate. The TV clearly states your signal is out of range.

er , RandR ? and IIRC ? . Thanks

Samsung LE19A656 , and yes to HDTv. According to it’s manual: “Mode” VESA at say 1024x768 60.023 hz horizontal , 75.029 vertical pixel clock 78.750 and polarity +h+V. I have set SaX2 to a given rate in the manual already, I must be missing something?

From Xorg RandR 1.2 - ThinkWiki

X RandR is used to configure which display ports are enabled (e.g. LCD, VGA and DVI), and to configure display modes and properties such as orientation, reflection and DPI.

From IIRC - What does IIRC stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by the Free Online Dictionary.

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly (among others)

Try Google. Google is your friend :slight_smile: