[LBP7200Cdn] Is there a generic driver for SuSE 11.1 ? Or a ppd file ?

Greetings !!

I first went to canon’s official support site but I found nothing relevant. So I wondered if there was a “generic” driver for the lbp familly I saw many entries in the list when configuring the printer but none of them were indicating things like lbp familly generic driver or something indicating it shoould handle the lbp7200.

Is someone as ever configured this type of printer ?
How he/she did to create the printer queue ?

Thank you ^^

Hello soundlord,
I’m a little curious if YaST / CUPS found anything by the way of drivers?

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hi soundlord;

I went here


and selected laser

and then selected colour

and then lbp7200cdn

and got this


and selected linux and got this


so you need to click on this final link that should show you what to download

I installed an lbp3100 and by following the instructions, it worked; that’s the challenge

it comes in as a tar.gz file


you need to tell us what you feel you can do:

if you want detailed instructions, please ask;

if you go here,

HCL/Printers - openSUSE

there is some guidance;

Canon make an excellent how-to; you need to find that and read it;

oh: very important: are you 32bit or 64bit Suse?

If you search on 64 bit lbp there is an entry there too for that;

Here also is a link to Ubuntu;

as you know Suse uses rpm but the general sense of the steps you will be following might help you;


It’s a 32bits opensuse…

I never found the lbp7200 but I will try your way…

It’s strange I did exactly the same from the european site and the linux drivers weren’t there… now I got the file but I have to install it and I’m on hollydays I’ll be back in one week…

thanx again


enjoy your hols;

I gave you some links to help you; you would have needed to click on the blue lines in my first post; it didn’t seem that you did?

they would have taken you directly to what I meant;

in a computer forum, the blue lines are usually links to other websites;

here is one that links directly to download the printer driver you want

Linux Printer Driver (CAPT) Ver.2.00E

Canon is a Japanese company; so that means it is in Asia;

so if one goes to the Canon Asia website for Canon;

(and Brother Asia website for Brother …)

… one may find what one is looking for; (sometimes)

click on the link above

It’s in blue: and it should take you to the driver download