launch kde4 from gnome


I’ve installed gnome from suse 11.1 with success but it’s impossible to use kde4 and kde 3.5 because in login I have not the choice of these GUI.Please send me a suggestion, thanks

Since you installed from a disk that’s made to install a Gnome desktop, you just don’t have KDE4 and KDE3 installed, hence the choice is not there in the login screen. You can install KDE4 and KDE3 using the Software Installer from Yast.

First it’s best to add the KDE4 4.3 repository. In the Software Installer pick Configuration, Repositories. In the new screen click Add, next URL and copy link below
Index of /repositories/KDE:/42/openSUSE_11.1
Click Next - OK.
Back in the Sofware Installer choose the Patterns View, select the KDE4 patterns, click Accept, let it do it’s thing and from the next login you’ll have KDE4

I wouldn’t go for KDE3 if I were you. You’re new to all this, KDE4 is the future.

Get back to us if you meet any problems