Launch a special chrome browser.Is Kde possible?

Hi all,
I would like after opensuse finishes with the booting sequence to launch a special chrome window that will include 3 tabs with the specified urls. I guess this is not the hardest part and I will be able to write such a simple script.
This open browser will have my important tasks for the day and I would like somehow to keep it separate from my second chrome window that will contain all the different tabs for my day to day activities.

If possible that special chrome window should have a separate task bar color (is that possible at all?), which I guess means that I will need to use kde capabilities and not being stackable with all the other chrome windows at my taskbar.

Have you seen something like in kde.?

Regards and thanks

I assume that you need a running GUI session for that. Thus your system should not only have booted, but at least one user must have been loged in also.

The first step to tackle IMHO.

Thanks for clarifying this. I meant by booting all the process including the log in with my user. Sorry for the misunderstanding

There’s a couple of ways to achieve this:

  • Save the tabs in Chrome as the ones to open on Chrome startup anyway
  • either put Chrome in your Autostart ( search systemsettings )
  • or set KDE to restore a saved session, open Chrome and save the session ( search systemsetting )

Thanks! This is what I am currently thinking. For some reason though my kde never restores my last chrome window (I just restarted my computer).
Second I would like somehow push kde to use a different window layout for that specific window, that is the reasons that I thought that a bash script might better fill in this role.


KDE has nothing to do with your last Chrome window, and their devs are 100% right to stay away from trying. In Chrome itself you have settings for what to do on a new (first) session. You can set a number of sites/tabs to open ( like I do ), move on from where you last "were "( seems that’s what you want ). Yet KDE can be made aware of Chrome being active in a session and restore that same session incl. Chrome ( which can be set to move on from last session ) …

Just think about this: KDE depends mainly on volunteer devs. Chrome is built by Google devs. The KDE guys and gals would have to follow all the changes the Google devs make to the bits and pieces the KDE devs are “talking too” or “asking stuff from”.

You have very good points here, and thanks for sharing.
Still I should be able to write a simple bash script that launches two chrome windows at startup.

The first chrome should have three tabs open. I guess the logic of the command will look like this
chrome “firsturl” “secondurl” and so on
and then one more chrome window for the rest of the needed browsing.

I am not home now but I will try to write that simple script. The only open question is when I write my bashscript I Can pass some arguments to kde to make the color bar of one of the two chromes a different color.


chrome "firsturl" "secondurl" 

You must look into the Chrome documentation to find out if the Chrome CLI command supports such a thing and how. Or, what are the arguments (options and other fields) and in what sequence. For a “normal” Unix/Linux command you can find that in it’s man page. have no idea if Chrome provides such a thing or what other documentation.

IMO your original post can be split into two types of customizations…

  1. Launch chomium(or chrome) browser windows with multiple preset tab locations.
    Not difficult, eg

Just execute the above command as part of your Desktop startup so it’s launched with your User’s preferences and security.
I assume running the same command a second time should launch a new, separate browser window.

  1. Modify the chromium UI. Unless you can find a specific setting for the object, it isn’t possible without re-compiling the entire app, and that’s a very, very big job (one of the larger projects I’ve worked on). The following link is to the start point for downloading and setting up a build environment, to build anything “chromium” you need to set up the build for every possible target (browser, OS, more). It’ll also take a very long time to execute on any machine, so do this on a <very> powerful machine to shorten compile times as much as possible. Needless to say, Google Chrome Browser is a proprietary app and can’t be modified (no public source code).


For that you may want to take a look at creating special KWin Window Rules in Systemsettings > Window Management > Window Rules (or with the command

/usr/bin/kcmshell5 kwinrules