latte-dock how to create cascading launchers

I am trying out the “latte-dock” and I’d like to make the dock have similar behaviors to the KDE menu. I’m not familiar with the vocabulary of launchers, so I’m going to try to describe what I want as best as I can.

In the KDE application menus, application sub-menus exist for “Games” and “Libre Office”. Now that I’m playing with latte-dock, I want to come as close as possible to having a cascading menu structure in latte-dock as similar as possible to the KDE menu structure. What I mean is that with the KDE menu, I click on the “K” and then on “Games”. That gives me 3 choices: “Board Games”, “Card Games”, “Logic Games” and each choice leads to a list of games to click on to launch. Can I (and if I can how do I) create similar structures in “latte-dock”? If there is a tutorial or examples on-line, a pointer to them would also be very helpful.

Thank you very much,


You can drag the kicker menu on the latte dock. I have that.