latex prosper

Hi Everyone

I have a requirement to install prosper on a SLES 10.2 machine. I’ve hunted high and low for rpm’s then had a go at making my own. It was only once I’d seen a similar example. I then noticed that quite a lot of the TeX stuff has had name changes.

So my question is - is it worth persuing further, or is there something else that will suit.


Hmm, first time I’ve heard of the package so I looked it up. Interesting. Will remember it for future reference. Anyway it looks like just a LaTeX style package. Surely you can install this after installing the standard LaTeX packages? Why do you need to make a RPM of it?


Thanks for the reply. After seeing what I’d have to do it is the easy option! I’d just seen packages for other distro’s and thought I’d do the same…